RestoreRig removed from Wavelab 11.20 update?


As I needed to record some cassette tapes I have from days gone past, I used Wavelab LE for the ease of use experience with my ZoomH5. This after years of being an Audacity fan, as all of this is just a hobby.

At a point I needed to clean up the recorded audio and decided to get Wavelab 11 elements which came with the RestoreRig plug-in and it did an admirable job for what I was doing.
As the Wavelab 11.20 update came along I postponed the update untill I finished work on a couple of the above mentioned recordings. And as luck (and past experience with gps map and other program updates) this was a wise decission because as of the latest Wavelab version RestorteRig is gone.
It prompted me on a re-opening of an earlier montage file that I the RestoreRig plug-in is missing. After several days of searching for solutions on how to find a missing plug-in, repairing and lastly several re-installs of wavelab it seems it just isn’t bundled with Wavelab 11 elements anymore.
It isn’t even mentioned in the plugin lists (even the ignored ones) in the preference tab. It does seem it should be still bundled with Wavelab 11.20 elements in the compare wavelab versions list

Is the workflow in wavelab elements altered and do I need to use de de-hum, de-hiss and such in the track pane? These options seem limited to me, because as an example the de-hum at 50Hz or 60HZ misses the sweet spot for my personal taste.

I 'll be thankfull for any info or solution on this problem I have.

I’m using a windows 10 Home 22H2 build 19045.2604 machine.

(Edit: Excuse my non-native English speaking grammatics)

RestoreRig is still here for me in Elements 11.2 – perhaps try File | Preferences | Plug-ins | Force Plug-in Detection at Next Launch?

it is also here on my WL11.20 pro

So this seemed to work. I did this after the initial update and it did’t find RestoreRig. Therefor I uninstalled Wavelab, rebooted and re-installed. But did not bother to use force the plug-in detection again as I figured this would run the first time I opened Wavelab after a new instal. After the third re-install I reached out here.

Thank you for reminding me to give this option one more shot.
As I did all of this on my desktop, I should mention that I had this exact same ‘problem’ on my older Surface Pro 4 which is also running the latest Windows 10 update.

Again many thanks for the reminder.


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