restoring an old cubase account

Hi, I hope you can help me.

7 years ago I bought a focus rite Scarlett 2i2 pack that included a cubase license. I believe it was cubase 7 but I cannot remember quite well. I installed cubase in a PC that 2 or 3 years later died. Now I am again interested in recording new stuff and I still have the Scarlett 2i2 and a Mac but I don’t know if my old license is still alive and if I can install the cubase for free, or if I have to pay again. The only thing I believe I still have are some codes that come with the focusrite unit. Anyone can help me with this please? Can I restore my product for free and how? Thank you so much!

If you registered your CB software in your MySteinberg account you would be able to reactivate it.

Regards. :sunglasses: