Restoring Cubase 9 license on USBeLicenser

I have this oldish laptop with Cubase 9 installed on it but on the USB e licenser there is the newer license for Cubase 10 only. For some reason the system decided that I won’t need the older license anymore.
How do I restore / put back the version 9 on the dongle?

Another option would be to install the latest version of Cubase on it but again the laptop returns series of errors when trying this
Besides I only need this laptop to take to a studio with me to serve as a multitrack recorder, if that makes any sense

any suggestions appreciated

Many thanks

You can run previous version with the newer licence so no need to get an older licence put on.

Thanks mate,
Wouldn’t make this post if that was the case :wink:
I get ‘No valid license’ message each time I’m trying to run Cubase 9
The latest version on the dongle is Cubase 11 actually

Please download the latest eLicenser Control Center:

After installing it, run it and click the Maintenance button to the top right, then try running Cubase.

Hey, many thanks, I only run Download Assistant without updating the eLicenser Control Center
You’re a STAR!
Case closed :slightly_smiling_face:

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