restricting clef change in parts.

I have a few places in a score where I changed to bass-clef to write some F-Horn parts. When the parts are written, the bass-clef change was also made, and because of the +p5 transposition, the part is really too high for the bass-clef. Is there a way to restrict the part from followng the clef-change in the concert-pitch score ?
Likewise, is there a way to change the part back to treble clef and not have it propagate back to the fullscore ?

When you insert a clef, you can right-click it and click through these menus.

By doing this you can have the clef show as one clef in the (concert) score and another thing in the (transposed) part. It’ll show in the score regardless of whether it actually changes the clef or not; I guess the workaround for this is to scale it to 1% in the score…

Ok, interesting.
I wanted the clef change to remain in the score and not be in the Horn part, but I understand the technique. Thanks.
It requires alot of hiding though…

Fig1 shows the original problem. (score on left, horn part on right)
The Horn part is predominantly treble clef in the score but this section is best in bass clef.
The clef change (useful in score), but undesirably propagated to the part due to the P5 transposition.

Using PianoLeo’s suggestion, I get the horn part of Fig2.
Note that the clef change now is redundant with both the original clef and the eventual clef change coming up.
PianoLeo suggests I go into engrave mode and reduce these to 1%. Clever, but fiddly.
Solution is also not good for Elements as it requires switching into engrave mode.

Wouldn’t the ideal flow to be able to quickly scan through a part and make a few quick clef/octavo adjustments without worrying about it altering something in the score ?

In Fig1 (right), I would have just liked to click on that bass-clef change and set a property on it saying “forget this clef change ever occurred in this part”, such that is also knocks out that redundant treble clef change coming up

I don’t think that should be the norm, no. Your situation excepted, these sorts of clef changes should be mirrored in both score and part.

But we know there’s a significant upgrade to Propagate Properties coming eventually which may address this.

Agree, … That “quick adjustment” I was referencing should be an explicit directive (ie, a property on the clef) , not a default behaviour.

The developers are free to come up with a better way :slight_smile: