Restricting polyphony on-the-fly?

Does anybody have any idea how I can turn The Halion Sonic SE “Mono mode” function on/off (or some other way of achieving a similar result) using a hardware controller? HSSE doesn’t have an option in “Generic Remote” or “Quick Controls” and it seems HSSE doesn’t respond to:-
cc126 Mono mode on/ cc127 Poly mode on
cc124 Omni mode off/ cc125 Omni mode on
Are there any midi insert effects I have overlooked which will allow me to switch between mono and poly? Thanks


in the HALion Sonic SE, you can choose Mono mode for any channel.

Open HALion Sonic SE, and click to the “e” (Editor). When you click on any track of HALion Sonic SE, you can find controls under the Edit tab. In the Voice/Pitch, you can find Mono Mode button. Activate this. Or you can find Polyphony. In this field, you can restrict the polyphony.


Thanks Martin. I know how to do it with my mouse but I’d like to be able to do it from a button (or even a knob) on my hardware controller. However, I can’t find the corresponding option in either the Cubase “quick controls” or in “Generic controller”. Most of the dials/knobs etc. in HSSE have a “Learn CC” when you right click on them but unfortunately this isn’t the case with the “mono mode” button.

Oh, I see, you are right! It’s possible to assign MIDI CC to the Octave; Coarse; Fine, but not to the Mono Mode button, or Polyphony.

Did you try to send usual SysEx for Mono mode?


If possible, could you explain what you mean by “send usual SysEx for Mono mode”?
Bearing in mind that:-
-My only experience with sysex was when I owned a Yamaha sw1000xg and a common criticism of this soundcard was that it used “sysex”. However, I used an editor utility for the card and still to this day haven’t the foggiest idea what sysex can do that regular midi CCs can’t, much less how to use it.
I completely understand if this is beyond what can be explained within the confines of a forum thread.

It’s easier to use MIDI CCs. CC126 = MONO on/POLY off. So, if you switch on this MIDI CC (ie send value = 127), instrument should play in mono mode. IE play just 1 note on any track. On the end of the song, I recommende to switch this off, back to the POLY mode. See MIDI CC 124; 125; 126; 127.


I’ve tried that too (see my first post) and HSSE doesn’t respond to the CCs 124, 125, 126, 127 either.

Oh, sorry! No more, idea. :-/

Nevermind, it’s not something I can’t live without. Thanks for your time anyway.