Rests and Cross Staff Beams

I am just starting on my Dorico journey and attempting to notate existing pieces into Dorico to see how accurate I can be. I’m working on Clair de lune which on the opening measure has two eighth rests followed by the F & Ab notes. When I setup the cross beam (I started it in the bass clef), Dorico generates a dotted quarter before showing the F & Ab:

Clair de lune Opening Dorico

How do I get Dorico to display two eight rests before the first notes on the treble clef? Given that the notes started on the bass clef, it feels like Dorico doesn’t “see” the notes on the treble clef and hense giving the dotted quarter.

Here’s what I did:

  • Enter the eighths in the RH staff; cross the first ones down
  • Start a new downstem voice in RH, force duration and enter 2 eighth rests
  • Select all the Voice 2 rests in the bar except the 2nd eighth and remove them
  • Select this lone forced eighth rest and copy it to LH, beat 1
  • Enter the dotted half, then remove the Voice 1 dotted quarter rest on beat 1

It’s unusual notation, but clear enough I suppose. Now that I examine the original edition more closely (after knowing the piece intimately by sound for half a century) I see plenty of other editorial concerns, such as the 3rd beat of m. 18 not being dotted.

To achieve what you want, you could convert the dotted quarter rest into three eighth rests and hide the last one. Select the dotted quarter rest, press the letter O to force duration and press 5 to force an eighth rest followed by two more. Now select the third eighth rest and execute the command Edit>Remove Rests.

Thanks this worked out perfectly!