Rests being weird in condensed staves

I have rests in condensed staves that take up their default middle of the staff position but cannot be moved, causing clashes with stems. This was manual condensing with trombone 1 in up-stem voice and trombone 2 in down-stem voice.


Would be glad to know if this is a bug or something that I have done wrong.

For this specific passage, could you condense Tbns 1 & 2 to use the same stems, since the rhythm is the same?

That is not to say that in the future Dorico should not position the rests correctly to avoid collisions.

As there are unison notes mid phrase, it’d result in multiple a2s (rightfully so) appearing, which is not what I wish to have, or hide, since that creates ambiguity.

This may be another unwieldy suggestion, but for a given system one can combine Tbns. 2 & 3 instead of 1 & 2 or not condense them at all.

(Again, we know the real solution is for condensing to handle the rests properly.)

Unfortunately rests in condensed staves are at present not editable, but that is something we definitely have plans to address in future.

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I will use this as a workaround for this passage, thanks for the suggestion! Hopefully this bug is fixed soon!

FWIW, if it’s absolutely necessary, this is easily solvable by bringing the score into Affinity Publisher or InDesign. Every once-in-a-while I will export scores with mistakes like this specifically with the knowledge that I can fix it to my liking in AP. (I say all of this just in case you’ve never tried taking a score out of Dorico to edit it.)