Rests in 2 line percussion staves

I have a 2 line percussion stave in a piece of music, the upper line is a snare drum, the lower a bass drum. If both instruments have a crotchet (quarter note) rest, Dorico consolidates the rest upper and lower instrument rests into a single rest and places it on the lower line. Whilst this is very clear for the bass drum, it isn’t for the snare. (Dorico does the same with half note rests too)

Where do you think this rest should be placed, and is there an engraving rule to cover this?

The only option you might be able to use is the option on the Rests page of Notation Options, to consolidate rests of similar duration in multiple voices, but of course this is global and will affect all instruments in the flow.

Do you mean 'Coincident rests of the same duration in opposing voices? In which case I have it selected. The problem is not that they are coincident, but that they are placed in an odd position, which makes reading difficult.
I’ve tried a new notehead set, which allows me to position a new crotchet rest where I wish it, but because I’m using a note disguised as a rest, it restores the other rest, giving me two, and then for some reason I can’t seem to make one transparent to make it disappear, and I can’t use the Remove rests function on a single note!

Is the answer to abandon 2 line staves altogether and use a percussion kit? I did start with this, but thought it was more elegant to use a two line stave and duplicated the entire percussion line.
Coincident rests.PNG

Rests on percussion kits – whether you use a grid or a five-line staff presentation type – are intransigent beasts and there’s nothing you can do to edit them at the moment. If you want total control over the rests, then you’ll have to use the presentation type that shows each percussion instrument as a separate single-line staff. We know this isn’t an ideal state of affairs!

I’m sure it’s on your development list, percussion has always been difficult.
For the sake of completeness, I tried a Grid presentation, and it was even more anomalous.
Grid presentation.PNG
The five line drum set presentation is the most coherent:
5 line drum set.PNG
5 lines it is!
Thanks for your help