Rests in divisi in choral chart (newbie)

I’m working on a standard SATB choral chart and have a section where I want everyone to go into divisi (keeping same rhythms for each divisi part). Dorico is very friendly about how to enter a second voice using Shift-V. However, I have two questions that I can’t figure out:

  1. For a measure with non-divisi for part of the measure and divisi for another part, how do I keep Dorico from showing rests in what should be a unison part IF the measure’s unison starts with a tied note from a previous measure (screen shot attached).
  2. Is there a key command to move between voices (I’m pretty sure there is so so much of Dorico is so easy compared to Sibelius).
    Thanks in advance,

Hi Charlie -

  1. The remove rests command is probably the simplest - you can assign your own key command for this, which I for one have done and enjoy.

  2. Yes, in note input, press just V rather than Shift-V (V cycles between active voices; Shift-V adds new voices). You can also change the voice of selected notes later.

Thanks Lillie! Very much appreciated (and the addition of a key command makes it even easier).
Take care,

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