Rests in drum notation

After spending considerabe time to figure ut drum notation I think I am finally beginning to get a grip on it. The problem now is to get rid of the rests beneath the actual notation making it nice and tidy and easy for a drummer to read. But I have problems finding out how to do it. See enclosed screen shot!

You get this result because all three instruments have their own voice, thus you get rests for each voice.
Two suggestions:
In the “Edit percussion kit” window let the snare in a stem down voice as it is now but give it the same voice as the bass drum.
You will then have no rest at all (see drums 1)
Or you may set the snare to a stem up voice and give it the same voice as the hi-hat.
You will then get rests for the bass drum only (see drums 2)

drums 1.jpg
drums 2.jpg

Here is a thread from last summer that might help a little -