Rests in instrument parts/Tacet al fine


Is it possible in Dorico to turn off the “1” above one-bar rests in instrument parts? If not: is it planned that you can decide if you want it or not?

And is it/will it be possible to decide if “Tacet al fine” or the rests as they are in the score appear at the end of a part? It is a very useful feature that it is automatically added but in some situations I don’t want that (e.g. if there are only a couple of bars rest at the end of a part).

Thank you very much!

It should be possible to hide the 1 on single-bar rests in parts, but unfortunately due to an oversight of mine when populating that page of the options in Engraving Options, the option has not found its way into the user interface. This will definitely be addressed in the first update. Likewise an option for whether or not “tacet al fine” should be used. Mea culpa.

That’s great to hear! Thanks, Daniel!

I searched for this in the manual and on the forum but couldn’t find the answer, sorry, apologies, the answer is certainly somewhere and I should have searched better, my mistake I’m sure etc. Anyway:

With the updates, can I now exchange “tacet al fine” for a multibar rest in parts?

But then …

Found it! So double apologies.

It’s an Engraving Option.