Rests in mixed meter?

I haven’t seen this on the forum, but here is something I’ve noticed in certain mixed meters. In the shift-M meter popover, if I type [4+4+5]/8 I get 13/8, and the bar fills with notes beamed correctly. But if the bar ends with rests, the pattern is half rest, half rest, eighth rest, half rest. It seems like it should be half, half, half, eighth (which is how it puts notes together).

Attached is a very short sample project. Of course I can fix the rests with Force Duration. I’m just wondering, has anyone else encountered this? (522 KB)

You might need to use explicit rests (use force duration, then write the rests with the appropriate rhythmic values and Y).

I would have thought the last 5 would have rests of quarter/quarter/eighth. After the half-note rest, one can “see” the five beat group. But, it doesn’t appear to be a way to set that. I suppose you could with a 4+4+4+1 - but then you’d have to manually beam pitches. It seems a choice, and the determining factor is whether there are more bars with pitches, or more with rests.

If the bar is full with a sustained note, the grouping is half, half, half, eighth - all tied together - so it’s doing 4+4+4+1 automatically.

It seems to me that rests should follow the same pattern as note grouping, but in this (admittedly rare) case, they go 4+4+1+4, which seems weird.

That the rests do that but the notes do not really is odd. I agree with you.

But it is marked as 4+4+5, not 4+4+4+1. Change the meter marking and I bet it will shift.