Resurrection-Dark orchestral

So a few months back I FINALLY got myself Era II and it is, simply put, very inspiring. I made this darker piece and it is one of my favorites. Next I’ll have to record some of my guitar songs… Feedback is appreciated and if you have something you’d like me to listen just drop a link in the comments!

Dark as a Scandinavian period movie, bordering on the spooky. Not sure how the title fits in, the music was more uncertain in nature than an opening to something new, but I like it. Well played and constructed.


I’ll second Jonathan’s comments. And I would love to hear your guitar songs. And I’ll just say that all the music posted in this forum is looking for feedback.

Thanks guys! I actually got a real drummer to play on some of my songs (with e-drums but it’s better than my programming :smiley:) so guitar songs are coming soon!