Retrace source of audio clip?

Hey guys,

Is there a way to retrace a source of audio clip imported directly from media bay? I’m trying to right click and “Find selected in pool” but there I can only see the path of the newly copied file.

I’m trying to find the original path because sometimes I import a file from media bay and I like the audio and want to find more samples from the same library for example.

Thanks a lot in advance


You can use the Search feature in the MediaBay and search for the name of the Audio file.

Hey Martin
Many times they have identical names, so I should change that I guess

Thank you very much


Yes, you can change the name of the Audio Event. But even then you can find the original name.

Are you sure there are multiple files with the exact same name? Of course it could happen.

Unfortunately there is no other way to find it.

Yes but not too many you’re right it sounds like the best way to do it thank you very much again