Retrieve Instrument Names


I have files that go way back to Cubase 5 I believe. I have upgraded these through version 8.5.

A lot has changed, and looks good with v12, however, I cannot always retrieve the instrument on my fresh PC build which only has the latest versions of everything. So, I have to re-map the instrument. When loading the project, I get the following:

The plug-in “play_VST_x64” could not be found for Instrument Track “Piano”!
The plug-in “HALionOne” could not be found for Instrument Track “play_VST 03”!
The plug-in “play_VST_x64” could not be found for Instrument Track “HALionOne 04 (D)”!

Some of these have the instrument name, but others do not.

There are over 200 cpr files on the original PC.

Is there a way to retrieve the instrument name from the Cubase file? Since I activated Cubase 12, the old e-Licensor is saying I only have 5 hours left. This will make for an impossible situation if Cubase 8.5 will not open up so I can retrieve the instrument data.

Here is an example of the popup…


The issue is really two-fold…

  1. How to get the instrument names when upgrading versions of Cubase.
  2. How to not have Cubase 8.5 expire so I can have access to the instrument names and other settings as required to upgrade the projects to v12. If I can get the instrument names from the file then this would not be an issue.



It is a bit unclear what you want, tbh. Do you mean the names of the plugins? If C12 doesn’t display them on import, you should always be able to see them e.g. in the instrument rack. But if you don’t have the old versions installed anymore, that usually doesn’t help.

As for the “expiring Cubase 8.5”: the screenshot you posted shows Halion, not Cubase.
Did you do the update from 8.5 to C12? Then the license on the eLicenser should still be totally valid for 8.5 without expiry. If not, you should probably open a call at Steinberg.
What does the entry for Cubase in the eLicenser Software say?


Thanks for the reply… I have old instruments that are not supported in 12… so for example, a Halion One instrument needs to be re-mapped to Sonic SE.

Some instruments, like those mapped to EastWest, do not appear. Here is an example on the new PC with v12…


But others DO show the instrument. I do not need to be able to play it, just view the data on the old PC without Cubase 8.5 expiring. This way I can work to upgrade the mappings. Here is what I get when opening Cubase:



5:30 may not be enough time…

What happened is obviously the old PC’s license was deactivated when I upgraded on the new Cubase 12 computer. The best way would be to at least me able to get the instrument selected. I have some quite large projects that need converting.

I hope this makes a little more sense.



OK. On the original Cubase 8.5 computer it appears there is no more activation warning as above. I have used it now and the counter showing 5:30 has not decreased… so hopefully it will keep allowing me access.

The issue with the names not being saved is at least in the EastWest vst plugin. I am not sure if this is a Cubase issue or not. One would think metadata of some type would be included in the cpr file then you would always be safe. Even the EastWest library titles have changed and the instruments need re-mapping.

Or course I could have re-named the track, but when switching instruments around too often that becomes cumbersome. Maybe saving some extra track name data in the file is something they can add in a future version… then you would not be at risk of losing the instrument name for a track.