retrieving Cubase song files from old old Mac

hello everyone,
i was hoping someone may be able to help or shed light on my problem.
about 1996 i bought a Power Mac 7600/120 (thats a 120Mhz computer kids), with os8.6 and Cubase 3.5 then migrated to 4.2 eventually I think.
This lasted me till about 6-7 years ago when I went PC. I’m still PC running XP and SL3.

my old Mac has remained untouched for that time - I did try to boot it once but it needs the install disc (floppy!) which handily my friend threw away after i lent it to him.

So I have backups of all the old cubase songs but not going to be much use without the host Cubase program to run it.

Has anyone had experience of trying to recover old data from a Mac and importing them into modern Cubase (PC or Mac) - would this even be possible? Could i get something modern to interface with SCSI/SCSI2?

I do have a modern Mac at home also if this helps…

its a mess I know, but any advice would be appreciated.


see my post today about the same issue (now only viewable on the main C6 forum). It should be possible, I’ve done it in the past but there seems to be a problem getting a valid Cubase SX3.1 authorization using a current C6 licence.

Cubase SX3.1 was the last version which allowed import of VST5/32 files - from memory I think it could import .ALL files, or may have been .SNG.

You can get an SX3.1 installer from Steinbergs ftp site.

As SX3 will only run under Rosetta PowerPC emulation on an Intel Mac, we need to import any old songs before moving to Lion, which doesn’t allow PowerPC emulation.

I’ll update my post if I get anywhere with it.

Update -

SX3.1 installed, latest E-Licenser update cures the error and SX3 loads OK - well nearly, it crashed during the load plug-ins routine, so I removed all my third party plugs temporarily.

I was able to load .ALL file - Cubase could not find the audio files and I had to locate them one by one (the current incarnations of Cubase and Nuendo are much slicker in this respect - usually the Project just finds and loads them, even if the project folder has been moved)

I didn’t try to play the project in SX3, I just saved it as a Nuendo 4.3 project, which then opened in Nuendo 5.5.

Not exactly faultless, but it works, and I’m able to work on a Cubase VST project started in 1997…

Hi there, many thanks for the reply.
I did try this once before going from the Mac to my SL3. I think Imanaged to import a SNG file once - but never was able to repeat it. Appears to be a bit hit and miss.
Even if it does work will have try and re-create all the effects I suppose. Think I’ll just have to get C6 and see what happens…
Will post if I get any success
Thanks again

How did those 1997 tracks sound?!


Any progression in this? Im trying so hard to find a way to get my precious material out of my power macintosh from 1996 which ran cubase score VST 3.5.5 and the song file can´t be read in my imac but the aiff files are secured.

also what is the best place to download Cubase VST 5?