Retrieving Offscreen Windows

When I open the Library Manager, the window appears on my second monitor (if I have it plugged in). If I don’t have a second monitor, it appears offscreen and it seems there is no way to move it onscreen, so I simply can’t use it until I get back to my office. Is there a way to move the window back onscreen?
I have tried changing my screen resolution, using Win+left/right arrows, and shift-right clicking the icon in the taskbar, and none of these get the window back. Help.

Hi Peter, I’m sure I saw a similar thread about a similar snag but on a Mac, but for the life of me can’t find it.

Have you tried Google, there are lots of hits so maybe you could find a solution there?

Yes, unfortunately, I’ve tried everything I could find (probably 5 or more solutions); none have worked.

The only solution seems to be to plug in a second monitor, find the window, and drag it back to the first monitor.

@Peter_Romero , have you tried this one? Hover with the mouse over the app icon in the Taskbar so that the little preview window appears. Then hover with the mouse over the preview window, do a right-click and from the pop-up choose Move. You then can move the window with the left/right/up/down keys of your computer keyboard and thus be able to bring it back to the visible area.
At least for me this works whenever my Mixer window gets lost.


Oh that’s how that works. I’ve tried that before but couldn’t get it to work, the trick is your cursor snaps to the titlebar of the window and you have to use an arrow key first. After that it’s locked to your mouse so you can bring it over normally with the mouse.

I think it comes from an artifact of Windows which gives apps much more freedom than the Mac does.

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If this isn’t in the FAQ, I think it should go there. Or Lillie, maybe in the manual? JMO. I know it is not necessarily Dorico per se. But I’ve been there with the OP. I DID go back to the office to fix it. :slight_smile:

There’s also another trick where you can press alt-space to open the window menu and then choose ‘Move’. Actually, you can also then use the cursor keys to move the window back into view, so it’s possible to do the whole thing without touching the mouse.

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