Retrologue 2 Instrument sets not present in MediaBay

Hi guys,

Today I did a fresh OS install and obviously a fresh Cubase Pro 8.5 install with all my plugs etc.
I have the Retrologue 2 and the Analog House expansion. Before, if I would open racks, I could click on the Retrologue instrument and it would show me the graphical representation of the various instrument sets which are available for the Retrologue. Just like when opening the HALion Sonic for example (There is Hypnotic dance, Model-C, Voltage etc.)

Now, when I click on the Retrologue, Cubase goes straight into the preset library instead of showing me the Analog House expansion for instance. I do see the Analog House presets are present in the library though.
I also checked all my *.vstsound files under C:\Users<MyUserName>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound. 149 to be exact, the same amount of files before I reinstalled everything. I also checked the MediaBay and I can see the VST Sound folder is indexed as well as the individual Plugin folders.

Any idea how I can get the Instrument Sets back in the MediaBay?