Retrologue and pad shop -no sounds

Firstly, The Download assistant doesn’t work on my system. (Steinberg are aware of this problem with some computers.)
So I downloaded everything manually (Cubase 12 plus all other content (Vsti’s and libraries)and installed everything, but although Retrologue and pad shop both open, there are no presets.

Btw I’m a newbie!

You should double click the .vstpreset files that you downloaded. Do they show up in the Steinberg Library Manager?

Thanks for getting back to me.
Maybe I missed that file. I can’t see it anywhere. I’ll try to find it on the Steinberg page again.

Plonker that I am, I must have missed those files when I downloaded everything else. I’ve got them now. They’re both .iso files. What should I do with them?

Ok. Just clicked on them and they seem to be installing ok. Thanks