Retrologue graphics problems with Cubase 11 (no problem in Cubase 10.5)

Just upgraded to Cubase 11.0.0 (Build 300). There are graphics problems with Retrologue plug-in (see attached picture) which make it unusable. These problems do NOT occur under Cubase 10.5, even when using same latest Retrologue version ( The OS is MacOS 11.0.1 (Big Sur).


Are you on macOS 11, by any chance?

Yes. 11.0.1 (Big Sur)

… but on the same OS there is no problem using Retrologue 2.2.30 in Cubase 10.5…


Cubase 11 is officially compatible with macOS 11, but the plug-ins are not officially compatible yet.

It’s an interesting information though that the issue doesn’t appear in Cubase 10.5 (which is officially not compatible with macOS 11, btw).

Hi Martin,
Thanx for taking the time to reply.
I’ve been using 10.5 on Big Sur for 6 weeks and did not notice any particular bugs (other than the ones under previous versions of MacOS).
After installing C11 I still had my and I double-checked (using About windows): I confirm that the problem does NOT appear when using C10.5 (under 11.0.1 MacOS). It DOES appear when using C11 (under same 11.0.1 MacOS). The procedure I used for both versions of Cubase to reproduce the problem is the same:

  • launch Cubase (check the version number)
  • Open New Project
  • Add Retrologue in Instrument Rack
  • Decline to add a MIDI track
  • Check that Retrologue version is the new one (that comes with C11):
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Last (final ?) test on the problem: if I replace latest (2.2.30) version of Retrologue with the previous one (2.2.20), the problem is STILL there in Cubase 11…

This problem I have to, and sometimes, cubase flickering screen also what can I do

Yes I have this screen flickering issue, too. This could be a generic Big Sur issue, though. See that thread:
or this one:


Cubase 11 is already macOS 11 compatible, but not the included plug-ins.

The graphics problems in the Retrologue (and Groove Agent) plugins have been resolved with the latest downloads:

  • Retrologue
  • Groove Agent SE
  • Cubase Pro
    The flickering screen issue is still there, but as mentioned above it might be an Apple problem (it’d be nice to have a confirmation by Steinberg about this, though…)
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