Retrologue is silent on 1st MIDI note

Every now and then Retrologue does not play back the first note in a MIDI clip.

  1. record/draw in midi notes in a midi clip over a few bars. Place the first note on the first beat in bar 1.
  2. place the locators at the start/end points of the midi clip
  3. place the cursor at the same position as the left locator (start of the first note).
  4. hit play

50% of the time the first note is silent and sound is comming in only on the second note. I don’t have this problem with any other synth plug-in (…except for PadShop? I have to check).

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Maybe you’ve already checked this, and/or it’s not the case for you, but whenever I have experienced this it’s always been because the the beginning of the note was prior to the boundary of the part - which is to say, it might LOOK like they are in the same spot, but if the note is even a hair to left of where the part boundary is then it won’t play that first note.

Thanks krudler, but I’ve chcked this. Besides, once the cursor has cycled through the looped area and start over again at the left locator, the first note is played back fine.

Yes I have the same issue since getting C7 in Oct(and is also present still in C7.5), Retrologue is now my go to synth replacing my beloved Synth1, sounds great and light on CPU!

This issue is quite annoying though, is Steiny even aware of it?