Retrologue looses settings when opened on a different computer

Hi guys.
I’m using a identical DAW setup on two computers (home and mobile studio).
I’m using the same versions of Cubase and Retrologue on both.

Here’s the problem:
If I open a project on the other computer, everything but retrologue loads fine.
Retrologue looses all configuration and loads its init sound. :open_mouth:

I was able to detect one small weird difference: The preset selection popup menu looks different.
On one PC, it’s the dialogue everyone knows from cubase, a linear list with ratings search etc.
On the other PC, a simple “Selection tree” containing Groups Retrologue 2, Retrologue 1 and User will be shown.

If anyone has a clue or idea of what’s going on… you’ll help me a lot. Thanks!

Found the solution. Mobile studio was loading VST3 version of the plugin while desktop was using VST2 version.
And it seems the VST3 version can’t load configuration done with VST2 version.
Which makes a transition to VST3 pretty horrible. Duh.