Retrologue Missing

Hi everyone.

I have just crossgraded my Cubase 8,5 to Nuendo 7. And there is no Retrologue. The dialog says: "No valid license detected for Retrologue. Please connect your elicenser and click ‘Retry’. Click ‘Cancel’ to stop loading the plug-in. Make sure you have an up-to-date version of the License Control Center’.

NEK is also downloaded, everything is e-licenced. Eveything used to be just fine, in my Cubase 8.5 days. Moreover, due to my warm feelings towards Retrologue, I had expanded it to Retrologue 2, plus Analog House, Soul, Vintage Classics and Zero Gravity.

Nuendo, however, does see Retrologue. And I can’t continue my works without it.

Any thoughts?

**** EDIT****

Retrologue is missing in my eLicenser. It simply vanished in the process of crossgrading, I guess. Maybe I just need the activation code(s) again? Alas, I cannot find anything associated with Retrologue in my Mail, from Steinberg Online Shop which could contain the codes. Steinberg, HELP!

Thank you

Lovely Steinberg!

It’s been a while since my previous post. I repeat: after my expensive Cubase crossgrade to Nuendo 7, the latter, along with its NEK, is not capable of operating Retrologue and Retrologue 2 due to some eLicenser bug or something.

Please react, for it is of utmost importance for my projects.

Thank you.

Isn’t there a technical support email or phone? Because I experienced these forums to be more: community helps community. Less Steinberg official support. You might get better results contacting them in a different way. I wish you all the best.

Maybe there is somebody here that had the same problem. But not everybody hangs around here regularly.

Well, this finally solved the problem: I Searched in Macintosh HD >> Library for Retrologue. I deleted ALL files and folders Search found.
I started Nuendo and there was no Retrologue in VST Instruments to choose from. Good news.
I installed Retrologue_Installer_mac and it finally did the trick.

After all — why Steinberg does not give all from Cubase 8,5? Retrologue 2 belongs to 8,5, and I had a lot of time wasted clearing things out.
I sure contacted Steinberg the same day I wrote this topic and they were somewhat helpful, I’d say 6 out of 10. I would’ve given all ten, if the guy from Steinberg told me to do exactly what I did later. But he was laconic and suggested me to “uninstal Retrologue 2” which can’t be uninstalled, for it’s not stand alone and it can only be sought and destroyed, by means of Search. And he told me nothing about killing the old Retrologue, which, on behalf of its own, still messed the eLicenser up.

Back to work, goddamit. It took me 3 days to clear things out.