Retrologue (not 2) to Steinberg Licensing

Hi, I’ve just been moving stuff to Steinberg Licensing but there’s no voucher for Retrologue. On the E-licenser it’s “Retrologue”, not “Retrologue 2”.
To be sure I just doublechecked in Renoise and Retrologue does run on this license.

Is it forgotten or am I missing something?

If you have Cubase, then Retrologue 2 is running off your Cubase license. Please purchase Retrologue 2 if you wish to have a separate license using Steinberg Licensing.


Ah ok, I thought the Cubase license only activated the built-in version. That’s to bad, I just checked the store and with no upgrade price available I’m not gonna buy it again.

Thanks for your quick answer.