Retrologue not working - new licensing

I have Retrologue and Cubase Pro In C11 I had Retrologue inside Komplete Kontrol inside Cubase. It worked fine. I have made a huge investment and made every preset NKS with previews.
Now Retrologue is not working anymore inside Komplete Kontrol, and Komplete Kontrol 2.8.0 (R25) is inside Cubase 12.
I get an error message that there is an e-licenser problem. I think you messed something up as Retrologue no longer can read my license.
Please fix this BUG asap. Thank you!

Does Retrologue work just as Instrument track? I mean without Komplete Kontrol?

On the side: How do you manage to use Retrologue in Komplete Kontrol ??

Retrologue works as normal in Cubase.
But in when used in KK (KK used as VST inside Cubase), KK needs to read the Retrologue vst2 or VST3 file. It was working fine when the old licensing system was used.
But with the new system it is not working. Retrologue is unable to see the license, despite it being inside Cubase, but used inside KK. Steinberg dropped the vst2 version as well. Hope that is clear.

Just found same error.
New Cubase 12 Pro project, one instance of Retrologue Instrument (vst3 v2.3.0.149)
Activation manager flashes up no licence. Unable to use.
Mac OS Ventura v 13.3.1
Cubase 12 Pro 12.0.60

Given Retrologue is part of Cubase 12 Pro, why is this happening. Cubase 12 Pro opens OK but clearly not it sub licences.


My vst3 version of retrologue does not open in Cubase 12 Pro (v12.0.60 update).


I raised my query with Steinberg Support.
They advised I needed to use Download assistant to install the latest version (v2.3.0.149) which is the version of retrologue2.vst3 I already had listed in my plugins.
Running the Install again from download assistant the problem surprisingly cleared.
I can only assume that there was an updated version of retrologue code which uses the activation manager but no change to the vst3 program version number was made when recoded.

But of course that would never happen would it.

Problem fixed but frustrated as to no idea why.


UPDATE: Retrologue VST3 works inside Komplete Kontrol now, even inside the stand-alone KK. So it seems Retrologue VST3/New Licensing can pick up the license from anywhere. Good.
Now the question remains: How do I migrate all my NKS files that were made with the VST2 version so they can open in the VST3 version. I re-installed a Retrologue VST2 and my USB-licenser, but just temporarily as I want to migrate to VST3 only for the future.

Anyone knowing if I can get my NKS made with the VST2 to open in the VST3 of Retrologue?

Never mind. I re-did them manually, a PITA to do but…