Retrologue Problems on Mac & Unclear Instructions

Hey there,

I own Cubase 6.5 but have recently switched to Mac and Logic Pro exclusively. I do however wish to continue using Retrologue and Padshop which I like quite a lot.

I just re-installed OSX (10.8.3) from scratch and only installed the 1.1 update installers for both Padshop and Retrologue (without installing Cubase since I don’t need it right now):


Padshop installed correctly and also worked with my existing Cubase 6.5 license as expected, BUT, the updater doesn’t include the samples needed for Padshop, and I see no other way to get those samples unless I install all of Cubase.

Retrologue was much worse. The installer said it failed:

And to make matters worse, it didn’t realise that I owned a license and instead activated a Soft-eLicenser trial version for me.
Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 9.56.45 AM.png
Please let me know what I’m doing wrong and please remove this Retrologue trial license from my account, I own the product!


Bump, can anyone assist me please?

Final bump before I give up on this…

Did you get this issue resolved?
I would love to know how as I am having the exact same problem trying to update to 64 bit Retrologue.

I’m afraid not. I gave up on it in the end and lived without it :frowning:

That’s a shame as I quite like the plug. If I manage to find anything out I’ll let you know…

Agreed, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Dear Fgimian, Dear Ftech,

The installer of Cubase 6.5 do not include the Audio Units to get Retrologue and Padshop working in Logic.
I will send you a PM with further information.

Cheers, Jan

Hi Jan,

Thanks for your reply, but the installation is still failing.
I don’t own a current version of Cubase, I bought Retrologue as a standalone product, and it was working perfectly until I moved to Logic X which is 64bit only.

Any other suggestions?

Thanks for you help.

Stephen D

Many thanks to Jan for his help.

You are Welcome,

The issue was caused by the eLicenser Control Center.
If anybody got a similar issue, please update the eLicenser Control Center to the latest version.
If that does not solve the problem, please contact the tech support.