Retrologue randomly going out of tune

No problems with Retrolugue 2 in Cubase Pro 12 for months, but recently it has begun going out of tune erractically, spoiling my work flow… Since there is no “Reset” button (should be!), to get it back to playing in tune requires closing down Cubase altogether and restarting my computer – a true nuisance, time waster, and at times, data loss.
There appears to be no reason why this has begun to happen, nor to explain when or why: I have made no changes to my computer that might be a cause. Retrologue jumps out of tune, anywhere from a half-tone to a minor third and I can do nothing to reset it without shutting down & restarting…

This looks like a bug as I see others commenting on this as well. Please advise if this has a fix!

PS – This also happens with Halion Sonic SE 3 as well, but not as often and not simultaneously with Retrologue 2, also beginning more recently for no visible reason.

@Dorian_Rudnytsky, welcome! Have you tried disconnecting your MIDI keyboard to see if this still happens?

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When this occurs does the Tuning knob in Retrologue 2 remain set to zero?

If so that that kind of implies that Pitchbend is the cause. Try looking at it using MIDI Monitor on a MIDI Insert.

Are you using any MIDI Remotes that use Focus Quick Controls?

Yes, remains at zero. Attempting to adjust this does not reset Retrologue. And no I am not using pitchbend nor Midi Monitor or any Midi Remotes … at least not consciously unless there is a way that one could unconsiously turn these on, however that happens. I wouldn’t know where to begin checking.

@ggmanestraki Thanks for replying. No, have not tried that, but do not see how this can have anything to do with playback issues. The problem did not exist during the recording phase. It’s appeared with editing phase and only recently, meaning within the last month but far more often the last few days. Also, tonight on last playback, my Roland software synth also went off tune midway through playback. None of this was happening in the months prior and I haven’t done anything differently than in the past.

IF your MIDI keyboard’s pitch bend wheel has become miscalibrated, it is sending wrong pitch bend messages. As you are playing your project, and you are selecting instrument tracks, they are getting record enabled. So the erroneous pitch bend message is passing through to the track.

At least that’s what has happened to me before.

So, try it with your MIDI keyboard disconnected. If everything works fine without the keyboard and starts going flat WITH the keyboard… it’s time either for a new keyboard, or some DIY repair.

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Thank you. Seems easy enough to try! Will let you know what happens … Might not know for a while, but will let you know.

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