Retrologue Vintage Synths Problem

Hi all, i just purchased Retrologue’s Vintage Synths, which is PCG only and no Samples and also there is no
activation needed. I installed it which is also fast, now, in Cubase 6.5.4 when i open Retrologue i can see
the Bank of Vintage Synths but there is not a single Patch, the Factory are all there but when you click on
the Vintage Bank its all empty. It is frustratin, i’ve bought many of their Sound Sets and NOT A SINGLE ONE
worked right after download and installation, they all had issues. Someone please help?
They are installed in AppData on the proper place right next to factory. I also made a copy of the folder
and moved it to documents VST presets and nothing is working.


OK, I think I follow you. I have not downloaded the Vintage Synths but I think you should drop the sound files in the ‘VST Sound’ folder in C6.5, or ‘C Windows and Programs(C:)/Program Files/Steinberg/Cubase 6/VST Sound’.

What I don’t understand is, you own 6.5.4 so you should already have everything that comes with Retrolog for free, as part of the C6.5 program. Why do you say your ‘just purchased’ the Vintage Synths? I looked and I cant see any add on samples or libraries available for purchase. :question:

It was announced 3 days ago, and it’s an additional VST sound set for Retrologue.

are you sure there is no activation code I thought all soundsets installed had to be licensed ???

That’s a very good point indeed; there should be an activation code with your purchase, and the VST sound set should appear as a separate license in your E-licenser.

yep they do need to , zero gravity was coded so …

OK, I found this. Thanks Arjan. Looks like they are offering quite a few add-on libraries. Hm.

Thanks guys and NO, Vintage Synths need no activation. Jeff from Tech Support
has helped me today, all i had to do was just Rescan in Media Bay.
Weird thing is that the Lounge Collection worked right out.