Retrologue1.1 Sub Wave form problem


Could someone confirm if they have the same issue or not.

Im on Cubase 6.5 and have Retrologue 1.1 installed. I create an instrument track using retrologue, switch on the Sub Oscillator, using the mouse to change the wave form does not work. It will work using a midi controller , but click and drag does not.



Works fine for me on 6.5 64 bit.

Ok thanks for checking , Im using the 32 bit flavour must be something wrong with the 32 bit version as someone else has reported the same bug in the VST Instrument forum.



Maybe try the mouse scrollwheel.

Doh! why didn`t I thinkof that…mouse wheel works.

Thanks man


I enable the sub, scrollwheel doesn’t work but…If I adjust it with the mouse, then it works and after I done that then the scrollwheel suddenly does work.