Retrologue2 prompts "license not found"

Hi, I opened Cubase 12 this morning and Retrologue2 doesn’t work. It says license not found. I opened Steinberg Activation Manager and my license is activated. I’ve attached screenshots. Has anyone else faced this issue?

Open Steinberg Download Assistant, select Cubase Pro 12, and re-install both Retrologue and its content (2 separate installers) from there. Next, launch the Steinberg Library Manager (simply launching the app causes it to re-index installed content). Next, launch Cubase and test out Retrologue.

Thanks. It worked. Just wonder why it happened all of a sudden. Everything was working fine since Cubase 12’s debut.

The new Steinberg Licensing system still has some serious bugs. The same thing has happened to me twice.

Omg that’s nuts! Thank you so much for your help. It caused me major stress first thing in the morning :slight_smile:

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I get these too with all Steinberg vsti plugins.