Retrologue's Basses are Awesome !


I have been messing around with programming Retrologue, it is quite a capable synth.

What amazed me the most, was its capabilities at producing some killer Basses. Wow… This thing can surely do BASS :mrgreen:

It’s also great at pads, leads, and other unique sounds. One of the best sounding plug-in instruments for BASS I have used.


I agree with this.

You know, on it’s on and during programming, it can be quite boring and static, but once you perform it in the mix with some rhythmic modulation of filter cutoff/res.

hahahaaa, finally I can use something other than Trilian.

sorry it took so long Retrologue. I get you now. :wink:

Aloha guys and a major +1.

And just in case you two guys have not see this:

Tutorial: Retrologue Bass Programming

Check it out here:

Wow Curteye.

Thanks! I really want to master this synth, its worth understanding deeper.

Good Luck! And sending much Aloha.

Wow . Great tutorial . Give us some more

I have to agree with this too, I’ve made some pretty ridiculous bass parts for tracks with Retrologue! +1

Anyone here would be able to describe me the best way to achieve a psychedelic trance bassline?
I would like to be able to create bassline like one from Menog, Sonic Species, Talamasca, Orca and many other producers of psychedelic trance music.
I never manager to get things right with Retrologue and I am tired of using VB-1. o.O