Retrospective Record Buffer Size limit


A couple of questions:

  1. Is there a possibility to assign Retrospective Record Buffer Size greater than 100.000 MIDI Events?
    The Preferences->Record-MIDI dialog does not accept greater buffer sizes. It looks strange in our multi-gigabyte memory age.

  2. Given a stored Preferences preset, is there a possibility to activate it automatically when Cubase starts, or we need to manually activate it each time a Cubase project is launched?



No, this is not possible.

There is a known bug in the Preferences presets. As far as I remember, it is not stored well, if you store the preset immediately once you make the change in the settings. The workaround is to make the settings. Quit Cubase, restart it, open Preferences window and save the preset.

Thank you for the info Martin,

For me the workaround either does not work, or I do not do it well.

Retrospective recording is a very interesting feature for improvising and for experimenting with complex playing techniques together with semi-automatic textures such as Yamaha Motif arpeggios. In this case, the memory limit of 10000, and even 100000 events, is typically not enough for catching successful passages.


Hi Andrew,

I got your use case, thank you. I will pass it over to Steinberg.

I found a workaround for the 1st of my questions. It is possible to make a much larger buffer for retrospective recording.
To make this In Windows, one needs to do the following:

  1. Save some personal settings preset by a name, e.g., MySettings. It will be saved as file
    C:\Users<UsresName>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase LE AI Elements 10.5_64\Presets\Configurations\MySettings.xml

Using some simple text editor (not necessary XML editor), find in this file a string . Then, modify the strings that follow it, as follows:

Now the retrospective buffer will store up to 1000000 events. Though, be careful not to make it very much larger.