Retrospective Record Feels pretty broken

Having major issues with retrospective record in Cubase 13 … it’s always been a little finnicky on my system, with it placing the midi regions in the wrong place, or truncating it and forcing me to unravel the region to get the midi data back, or just not capturing it at all.

I can’t say how to reproduce the issue as it seems to be pretty inconsistent behavior, but I know I can NEVER get it to work properly when I have “return to start position” enabled in the transport and if I try to capture the recording after I’ve pressed stop. Generally, capturing the reocrding while playback is still going works better, but again it’s inconsistent.

Thoughts? I do have a rather complicated midi setup, including a keyboard, a metagrid Pro tablet, and an ultraleap controller, so perhaps thats part of the issue. Any help is appreciated!


YES, same here!

I know you and I have posted about this many times and I don’t understand how or why NO ONE at Steinberg has looked into this. Is there only a handful of people who use Retrospective Record? Because I would think something as destructive as this would be a high priority.

But, alas—10 years later and it’s still badly broken (Cubase 7.5.20 was the last version it worked properly).

I concur, though it seems to be working more often than not, for me.

But there have been a few times when it just didn’t capture anything, causing me to not fully trust it.

I actually use it exclusively when recording MIDI tracks. For me, there is no need for a record button anymore. I’d like it to exist for audio tracks too.

Macbook Air, M1, Ventura, Cubase 13.0.20

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It does work more than half of the time, but the fact that it has moments of not working is the scary part, especially when you’re noodling around and want to save an important idea. I just wish it was as reliable as it once was.

I ended up buying an app for Mac OS called Capture MIDI, which is always receiving MIDI data from my keyboard and then stores each time I play anything as clips. Good to have, but annoying that I can’t fully trust Cubase.

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can you drag and drop into Cubase?

Yes, you can drag in the clips :grinning:

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I only started using this more recently, so this may be the root cause of my issue as well.

NOTE: my retrospective record has NEVER had any problems until more recently, and I’ve used Cubase for years, so “return to start” sounds about right. I always wondered when the record buffer got erased. It makes sense there would be an issue here.

I’m curious how you use the Ultraleap controller with Cubase. For MIDI expression? Or workflow enhancements, like scrolling and resizing?

Got a link for this app? I only see an Ableton feature called Capture MIDI. (Maybe I didn’t look hard enough.)

Sure thing:

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I should mention that this is a band-aid, not a solution.

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Not available in my country or region, according to the App Store. Time to turn on the VPN and put myself somewhere in Europe. Fun.

…and this.

I use it with a program called “Midi PAW” and configure it to accept a variet of hand motions as midi messages. I do up/down for CC1, left right for CC2, and the grasp and rotation motions as instrument specific CCs.

MidiPaw - Leap Motion MIDI Expression and Control - MidiPaw

Really great device. Learned how to use it this way from Aaron Venture-

Infinite Woodwinds 2.0 - Technical Walkthrough (

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Wow. Very cool. It’s like a 3-dimensional joystick. Even better.

And paired with a good library, tremendously powerful.

Thanks for the info.