Retrospective record in Cubase 8

With cubase8. Win7 64 retrospective record is making length of all notes in buffer as long as region selectors regardless of performance. The note lengths follow the right locator length.
When I record this is not happening. Is there a fix? Is something defaulted differently. ?


I never noticed a problem in CB7.5 or before. Steve I read that topic but didn’t see any solutions

Hm… maybe it’s different. Have you checked what happens in Safe Start Mode?

No everything is working fine so far except retrospective record and I never had this happen before going back to sx3

btw I’m on win7 64 24gb ram

Works fine for me. The events are slightly earlier as the asio compensation does not seem to work right but 7.5 had this bug as well. You can verify this by recording to a midi track then capture right after and compare the notes. The recorded take looks good while the capture take is ahead.

Haven’t tried retrospective recording on Cubase 8 yet, but I remember on C7 I had a weird problem with retrospective recording, only after I played offline, i.e. while Cubase was not playing back.

IIRC, notes were squeezed or overlapped quite badly - far from what I played.

Didn’t have this problem with retrospective recording post playback, (so I just lived with it).

Just wanted to chime in (already did in the Cubase 7.5 thread) that I had the same problem in Cubase 8 (Sometimes there’s nothing in the buffer, sometimes it’s only taking a few notes and then extend their length to the cycle point).
I even couldn’t record midi in time properly most of the time, but after making all iAC ports in-active it’s working as expected (apart from when in cycle mode, then the ending of the region that is created/recorded will get it’s end extended to the next region on the track)

As a side note I never had problems in 7.5.20 even though the iAC ports were active and I haven’t tried installing 7.5.30, so I can tell if I would have had the problem there.

Hopefully it’s a fix that will continue work for me, and maybe it could be the solution for others…

Solved for me. (Cubase 8)

It appears that retrospective record recorded stuff incoming from every midi input ports altogether regardless of the midi input selected for a track in the project window. This included DirectMusic In & Windows Midi In ports for the same controller device. It also resulted in having every notes recorded twice.

So, I went into Device Setup - Midi Port Setup and selected only 1 input port in the “In All Midi” column.
Hope it helps!