Retrospective record lost while autosaving

Especially in heftier projects, where save times are a longer, if you press the key command for retrospective record and if an autosave occurs at the same time, all retrospective data is lost, you get nothing. This has been the situation for many versions, and still no change, still an issue.

Dear Steinberg, please make huge orchestral projects and work with them. To understand the power user is to become one. (A Chinese proverb maybe.)


I cannot confirm this, to works as expected on my side.

I made a small testing app. It sends a MIDI Note every second (the second value = pitch; the time is getting from the system time).In Cubase I set the Auto Save Interval to the minimum (0.5 min). Then I added a MIDI track, enabled Record, and triggered the test. I left it running for 1 minute, so at least once was the process interrupted by the Auto-save function.

After this I called the Retrospective Record function from Cubase. The data was printed to the MIDI track. And I checked the data.

I have got all 60 MIDI notes, and actually I have got even some MIDI Notes I was playing before. So the Retrospective Record was actually running even much longer, and it was interrupted by the Auto-save multiple times.

See the video from the test here, please (it’s an animated GIF, Dropbox doesn’t play it to me, but when you download it, you should be able to watch it as a video).

Hi Martin, thanks for your effort. This only happens where Cubase saves a project file in for example 3 seconds and when saving, the mouse cursor turns to an hour glass. When you hit Respective Record key command while this hourglass cursor is happening, you lose the data.

To have such long time save duration, you have to have hundreds of Kontakt instruments though.