Retrospective Record Problems

In my install of Cubase 11 - retrospective record only works for me as it is described in the manual under certain conditions.
If I have played something while the project itself is playing - that is - say I’m noodling around for ideas and I want to capture that via retrospective record - I must leave the project cursor running.
If I hit stop and then RR I have a little square box of nothing!
If I leave the cursor running and hit RR first then it works!
The same if I am noodling around and the project cursor is already stopped then RR works.
Somehow the buffer is empty if I hit Stop in the computer keyboard/transport first and then RR doesn’t work after that.
Is this normal/how it works?
I have trashed my Preferences and am using a factory reset set. I am on Mac on Catalina.
Any ideas much appreciated.

From what I see (and have always seen, as I started several projects through the years thank to this feature), and using the Transport>MIDI retrospective recording>Insert from track input as linear recording command :

  • If we don’t “start” the project, RR works as expected : we retrieve what has been played as it was, using the Insert… command. The data is pasted as a MIDI part after the cursor.
  • If we “start” the project and stop it at a point, same thing : I don’t know what happened in your case, but I’m able to retrieve and paste the MIDI data played, even after having stopped the project playback. The data is pasted as a MIDI part before the cursor position.
  • If we “start” the project and try to use the above command, still the same thing : I retrive the MIDI played up to the moment I use the Insert… command, the MIDI data being pasted the same way as precedently.

Overall, it works as expected, here. Check again the Recording>MIDI recording specific>Recovery of MIDI recordings paragraph in the Operation Manual (p.282 in Cubase Pro one) : there are some things to take into account (size of the buffer, 30 s time delay before buffers are emptied…).


Hi Cubic
Thanks for the comprehensive reply.
Of the three cases you mention in your post the middle one is the scenario that was not working as it was supposed to.
Notice that I said ‘was’ - because now, after some time of not working - it is working in this case also today! Hooray!
It is a bit annoying because I’m just not sure what the problem/solution was.
I guess that trashing the preferences as I mentioned did eventually work.
The computer/Cubase have been off and on again a couple of times since I dumped all the old preferences.
Anyway fingers crossed it keeps working.

Its such a useful feature - so often the first little bit of music that comes out of ones fingers is the best bit - to be able to recapture it is fantastic.


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