Retrospective Recording Question

The manual states: “If the data was captured in Stop mode, it is inserted at the project cursor position”.

I create have an instrument track.
I set my cursor to the start of the song.
I create a 4 bar event (the first 4 bars of the song), and double click it to open the midi editor.
I hit a single key on the keyboard and then IMMEDIATELY hit the “Insert MIDI Retrospective Recording in Editor” button in the Midi editor.
The note appears at some RANDOM position in the event, NOT at the start of the event as stated in the manual.

I clear the retrospective buffer.

I hit a new key on the keyboard and again immediately hit the button. The new note appears at a new, completely random position within the 4-bar span of the event.

Any idea how to make the retrospective record feature do what the manual says?