Retrospective Recording Sometimes Doesn't work

Sometimes retrospective recordings only give me a small MIDI clip without the right content. I don’t know exactly how to reproduce it. I wonder if anyone knows more about it and if the Cubase team would be able to fix this bug.

So what happens to me sometimes is after I press pause, I accidentally input some more midi information. Then when I hit retro-record. It grabs the midi information after I had hit pause. But doesn’t get the midi information before pause.

So basically my answer is it might be user error. At least that’s what happened to me in the past.

Since you’ve mentioned it and I think of it a bit more, some MIDI controllers are likely still sending signals to the computer. I’m going to explore more on this. Thanks!

Happy to help! You can also hit the retro record key command while the playhead is still moving. Before hitting pause.

Just a thought.


That’s an excellent idea. I have to get used to doing that.