Return to specific location

I seem te remember that there is a feature that allows you to set a specific location on your timeline to which you can jump back easily. For example: You’re working on a part at location X but you have to do something at location Y. Before going to Y you can set a special marker at location X that allows you to return to that position with the click of a button. I can’t remember what it is called.

Until now, I always place a regular position marker (4) before moving to another location, but there is a special position marker for this. Anyone knows what I am talking about?


On the yamaha nuage system (master unit), this function is called mem/zap. In nuendo i don’t find

You can find the Mem/Zap shortcut in the shortcut list, it’s not related to the Nuage.

I couldn’t figure out how to use MemZap correctly and it gave me sudden results. Could anyone explain right actions step by step please?

Yes, zoom MEM/ZAP. That’s it.

You should first create keycommands to the zoom MEM and zoom ZAP funtions. You do this in the key commands window. Then use the MEM command when you’re at the timeline position you later want to return to. When you are at a different location in your timline, use the ZAP command and you’ll be right back at the location (and zoom setting) where you set the MEM command.

Thanks, misjavw! Now I got it! That’s how it works! You press Mem at first location, go to second one and then press Zap to jump between these two locations, you can change cursor position at the second location and it will continue jump between them on pressing Zap, but if you move cursor while at the first location - it remembers as the second one and for now jumps between first and newer first location. Oh my! )) Not very handy actually. I think just making marker 1 and 2 is more comfortabale cause I can change cursor posions at the both places.