Return to start on stop in Edit Mode

I almost work in edit mode.
Whe I turn off “return to start position on stop”, I have two different behaviours, according to which tool I’m using:

1 - Select tool: when I press stop, the cursor stays where I stopped.
2 - Range tool: the cursor goes back at the beginning of the range tool.

Number 2 is pretty annoing, considering that I’m using a lot the range tool. I have to change to the select tool, stop, change again to range tool. In short: it doesn’t work with the range tool…

Is there any option in nuendo to let the range tool “follow” the cursor on stop?


actually I used a midi controller to toggle this setting between ( return to start and stay where you stopped)

I think this idea is very good (I use Ipad with touchOSC ) to add all my shortcuts like this so just in simple click I can change the behavior of Nuendo regarding any of settings.

I have it als shortcut like protools (N on keyboard). But it doesn’t solve the issue with editmode / selection tool / deactivated return to start

I discovered a workaround for this, but I still would like to have an option in the preferences:

use this macro:
Transport - stop
Edit - Left selection side to cursor

apparently the cursor needs some time to go back to the range beginning. The macro is faster, so it stays where it is…