Return to start position on stop?

Hello there, is it possible in Wavelab? If yes, how?

Each time I hit play and something plays, each time I have to manually move my mouse to a particular place in the timeline and I am not even going back to the exact place I started from. Nuendo has it, thanks to Steinberg.

Right click on the Stop button of the Transport bar…

Found this gem! Thank you! :purple_heart:

I’ve argued that this should be the default behavior. It’s always one of the first things I change when dealing with a new install of WaveLab.

Indeed, couldn’t agree more.

I would argue against. On stop, I want stop, nothing else.
Plus, the fact that it has been like this in WL forever :wink:

Noted with regards. :blush:

I use both options frequently depending what I’m doing.
If I’m editing on the Montage I like to return to the stop position until I get the edit right.
If I’m quality checking an album, I prefer to stop, that way I can go back a little bit if I hear something, otherwise it goes to the beginning.
I assigned a single command key to switch rapidly back and forth