Return to start position on stop

where can I find this option in W9?
I’d like the cursor to go back to the position I set it to before hitting play.

In that way I can fine tune an edit point while zooming in, now as default the cursor stays at the stop point.
Also, how can I set a shortcut to toggle this on or off ? I can’t seem to find the option in the shortcuts list.


Right click on the stop button in the transport and you’ll see some options.

It looks like you an assign shortcuts to toggle the options on and off.

See attachment.

ah, I see :slight_smile:
Thanks for the tip!

Why isn’t this the default? Something everybody’s used to in other programs and it’s not the default.

Something everybody’s used to in other programs and it’s not the default

Not. For example, Cubase and Audition are like WaveLab.
WaveLab gives you the choice.

Moreover, I recall that the numpad key 0 let’s you jump to the start position, which is handy.

It’s all personal preference but FWIW, for any app that doesn’t have return to start on by default, it’s one of the first settings I change so that return to start is ON.

I find the only app I really ever toggle between the two options is RX6.

That’s what I mean. It should be On by default, and you should have to turn it Off if you don’t want it. You shouldn’t have to burrow through the manual to find out if you can even do it, as the many requests here for “how do I get it to do this” attest to. And right-clicking on the Stop button (which is the only way to enable it now afaik) is also obviously not intuitive.

I agree. I remember it being difficult to find the setting when I first set up WaveLab. I believe I was looking on the play button if anything and not the stop button. Looking back I kind of see the logic but all in all, the setting is pretty buried compared to RX6 and Pro Tools.

That is your preference, and the preference of many others. But what makes you think that there are not people like me who prefer it the other way about (after all, why is the possibility there!), who would complain or be flustered if it was reversed? And they also have to look in the manual to find out how to change it (unless they are the kind of people who poke around with the right-click until they find something useful).


You’re right. But I think this option on by default is more common. It was also easier to find the option in Wavelab 8 because there was a dedicated button that displayed by selection or hover I think, rather than having to right click every button.

Speaking as a former UX guy… I think the problem (if there is one) is that the guy had to -ask- “where is this?” To -me- the switch for this should be self-evident. The thing I HATED about WL7 was -never- being able to find things.

Just another example of Steinbergs elitism in Crapiness
I have Wavelab LE and there are no options on the Stop button for anything and yes this should be a default action, no question
Pure Pants

I make the observation that, irrespective of settings, in my system anyway 0 on the numerical pad stops and returns to starting point with a second push. (edited)

Rat, are you sure that’s with NUMLOCk on? In all my years with WL, the numpad 0 has always been Stop and return to starting point with a second push. It’s my natural way of operating, with numpad Enter to start playback.

You are most certainly correct … I have been doing it “automatically’” for so long without thinking. I’ll edit my earlier post.