Returning to cubase from v 4 a few questions

I am trying to get re acquainted with cubase 7 and so far its been absolutely astonishing the improvements that have been made in workflow. I have a few things that are confounding me. How do you rename and recolor midi and audio parts in the sequencer. I would also like to know if anyone has used the Nektar panorama p4 controller keyboad and if do how well does it integrate.

It’s done in the info line now. Select part and edit there. You can tab from field to field in the info line.

There are a couple threads about the keyboard you mentioned…

Thanks i looked for the info line and I’m not seeing the option to enable or disable it. I am currently demoing version 7 would that make a difference? I am also not seeing the info line in under the ruler either.

The way the window layout is modified has changed since C4. If you press shift+F2 you can select whether the info line, etc. is displayed or not.

Thanks that got it sorted out. So far I’m stunned at how much things have changed for the better. I haven’t felt this inspired in a while.