Returning user needs some advice please

Hi guys,

I don’t have my usb e-licenser or the original software Cubase Pro 7 anymore ( i lost everything). I wish to return but I’m in a bit of a pickle and not sure how to procede.
My plan/hopes was that I could buy a new usb e-licenser thingy and activate it and then get the upgrade to Cubase Pro 11 for £136. I don’t know if that is possible or even realistic, I’m not sure what to do apart from that I have just ordered a new usb e-licenser, any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

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Do you have a MySteinberg account with the products registered? Because if you log in to your account you should be able to get the required info.

If not that, do you have anything? an email confirmation with serial? a receipt? music store you could call to see what they have on record?

If not, not really sure there’s anything you can do other than buy a new version sorry.


Yes I have a My Steinberg account and both Cubase 7 and the dongle are registered on My Steinberg, but having looked closer at the offer, it seems it’s only an ‘update’ from Cubase 7 I could get for £136, and because I don’t have the original software anymore it looks like I may have to buy the whole thing new again…I hoped that my Cubase 7 might be available to me again as a digital download. I’m currently running my copy of Cubse AI 7 that I got free when I bought UR22 Audio Interface. I’ve just bought a new computer and controller to be able to run Cubase 11, that’s why I would have liked the upgrade deal as cash is a bit tight now.

thanks for the feedback

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@Martin.Jirsak might have a download for Cubase 7, i don’t see it listed in the unsupported download sections.

As long as you can reauthorize Cubase 7 on the new dongle using your MySteinberg account, you should be able to pay for the update… you don’t need the original software. Just the license on a dongle.

Ok, thanks. I will get the dongle in a couple days then try get my Cubase 7 license on it, then I’ll try and see if it lets me purchase the Cubase 11 Pro Update.
Thanks again for the help!

you may want to pre-emptively contact support directly via email just to confirm what i’ve told you… They may need to deactivate the license registration to the other dongle - not sure.

I tried to contact support from My Steinberg account, I put in a ticket but that was 18 days ago and I’ve had no reply yet. : ( That’s why I’ve come on here to ask.

Steinberg Zero Downtime – Steinberg Support

all the info is there, although, I would not use up your zero downtime and save it for the future in case of emergency, and instead just try and contact support directly - ‘Submit a Ticket’

USB-eLicenser defective, lost or stolen (dongle, key) – Steinberg Support

ahh gotchya, check your spam/all mail folders

@Matthias_Quellmann @Ed_Doll

A lost activation is gone forever with the single exception Zero Downtime where you may be provided with a replacement license the once.