Reusing an already-used localization string in the same term category

Suppose that we are talking about this term:

msgctxt "Steinberg::Steam::DoricoStringTranslator|"
msgid "Default"
msgstr "デフォルト"

Its context category is “Steinberg::Steam::DoricoStringTranslator”.
Official Japanese MUI proves that it cannot be used at multiple places:
(Both Master-Page “default” and Flow-Heading “default” are in the same category but they cannot share the translation.)

I am afraid that this is a bug of the Qt version used in Dorico 3.5.12 at this moment.

Same issue confirmed through official Russian translation:

This is not a bug. With respect, Shiki Suen, you have been working with the localisation tools in Qt for a matter of days, or perhaps even hours, and it would be prudent for you to consider whether or not you are in an ideal position to determine whether something is a bug before you start posting about this on a public forum.

I am also not in any way obliged to provide you with information about the way Dorico is localised, since your project is completely unauthorised and seems to me a huge waste of effort, given that if your desire is to see the localisation of Dorico improved for users in China and Japan, you should feed back your suggestions to us, rather than attempting to provide localisations for the many thousands of strings in the application.

In any case, the way localisation works in Qt is that by default a string will only appear in the translation files once, on the basis that a particular string should ideally require a single translation. Obviously that is not always the case, and Qt provides a simple way to mark particular strings with additional context so that they can be disambiguated from each other, and we do this in a number of places, when it becomes apparent through working with our professional localisation team that this is required.