REV-X registration code help please


I bought my MR816x over 3 years ago and have been using it on a PC. I recently moved to a Mac. I have Cubase 5 running ok with the MR but cannot get the REV-X to work (shows ‘Not Available’).
I have checked at ‘My Steinberg’ and have the MR, Cubase 5 and Cubase AI all registered.
I cannot find my original registration for the REV-X and AI. What confuses me is that I have used REV-X on the PC for years but I don’t have REV-X registered online?

Did the REV-X ever need registering as it comes with the Hardware?

I think I bought a new elicencer at some stage so maybe something went wrong there!

I’m a bit confused with this so could somebody advise please.

From what I know, ain’t the REV-X that comes with the MR816 integrated into the interface? Ie. it’s not a plugin and doesn’t need to be registered, rather it’s more of a hardware related feature~

On your Hardware panel in Cubase, or prefs in MR editor, you need to change your settings to External FX, from ADAT or whatever it is currently set to, if you want to use it as a mix insert/send. That will then make it unavailable in the Hardware panel of yor Input Channel. It’s one or the other.