rev-x reverb and morph channelstrip compressor

a separate free download for these 2 plugins ho have both the mr816x ,mr816csx ,ur824 or the ,ru28m
at the monment you can only use the plugins in combination with hardware

I’m pretty sure that those effects are hardware effects, not software effects.

What is the reason why the can,t make plugin versions of these effect plugins.
Aren’t these plugins software because the are. The run in cubase do the … yes the do. as a plugin. The aren’t hardware effect,s because it,s a plugin a software that runs on a d.s.p. chip. The only thing that i ask if steinberg can make a rev-x reverb and morph channelstrip compressor that runs indepenedily from the hardware units name in the title. There are other compony,s ho do this the other whey around make plugins ho user can use in different recording application or software applications that gif the option to run these plugins in and then make a d.s.p. version of the plugin. for some exsamples : s.p.l. , brainwork , sonnox end the list goes on it is not on onpossible so lets leave it at that. So the only thing i,am asking if steinberg wood make this happen.

I never said they couldn’t.

I never said it was impossible.

I call them “hardware effects” because they are written to use external hardware for processing.
They are not the same framework as a normal (software-only) VST plugin.

For free.
Which is highly unlikely.

I presume that Steinberg would have to re-code the plugins to work independently of the DSP chip. This would take time and resources, possibly too much to release the effects for free.

The effects aren’t even Steinberg’s. They’re Yamaha’s
(The effects are featured on Yamaha hardware effects processors, and the interfaces are manufactured by Yamaha)
Now, granted, Yamaha owns Steinberg; but in the end it’s Yamaha’s decision to make, not Steinberg’s.

Yamaha would also have to consider the possibility (and impact) of lost sales of their effects units due to the effects being available for free (for Steinberg users).

If they (Yamaha) made the decision to release these effects as software-only plugins, I doubt that it would be for free (for the previously stated reasons).

Keep in mind that this is only my opinion. I do not speak for either Yamaha or Steinberg.
However, I understand the business logic (of investment vs return) that should be applied to such a decision.

They are already VST3 plug-ins so they could easily be made more widely available (e.g. they came with my UR28M I am not sure Steinberg/Yamaha would be prepared to provide the fruits of their labours free though.