rev-x (ur28) invalid licence in cubase

i have ur28m with cubase7.5.1
i can choose “rev-x” reverb effect in mix-console but doesnt work
the message is
“les sticks anti copie ne contiennent aucune licence valide”
when i try to actualise pluggin, cubase crashed!

the rev-x work fine in dspmixfx (not simultaneous with cubase)

Hi and welcome,

Do you still have the issue? Or have you found a solution?

If you found a solution, could you share it, please? Then we could advice the same in this. If you hadn’t find a solution, you can use the same thread to try out.

There are TWO sources for the REV-X, Guitar FX and and Morphing Channel Strip common to the UR devices:

  1. There is a built-in FX chip in the UR that applies these FX on the input side. These are accessed via the Hardware tab in the input channel section of the MixConsole in Cubase, or through dspmixfx. These FX are HARDWARE ONLY. You have the choice to record the wet signal (including the FX), or to monitor these FX only (in the headphones) while recording the dry signal.

  2. When you installed the Tools for UR package, it also installed a SOFTWARE version of these very same FX, presumably so you could hear and apply the same FX used during recording to the dry (if you recorded it that way) printed track later while mixing. This version is independent from the UR hardware. It appears in your DAW as a VST FX and can be applied the same as any other VST FX. The SOFTWARE FX must be authorized on your elicenser just like any other Steinberg software.

When you buy a UR interface, the package includes a license for the FX (named Basic FX Suite) with an authorization code. Look for this code to authorize the SOFTWARE FX. If you bought a used unit, try contacting Steinberg support for a solution.