Reveal in Finder does not work on external drives formatted NTFS

Hi. Reveal in Finder command does not work, neither from Pool, nor from MediaBay.

In cases where external drives are NTFS, Reveal in Finder works only to the extent that a new Finder window pops up, and selected is only the folder where resides the file that’s being revealed, and that’s the only result.

Mac OS Extended (Journaled) external drives are not affected by the command at all. Zero reaction.

And only files that are in the main internal drive (Macintosh HD), respond to the command properly.

Quite a headache, one must admit.

Could be that they are NTFS, and the search system code just does not jive with that. Read your post again, I think you have your answer. Mac OS extended (journaled) works as it should.

I’d copy all the material from the NTFS drives to a Mac OS one, and move on from there. Cheers.

If I get you correctly, you suggest I “filter” all my files from my external drives by transferring them to Macintosh HD, let them nest there for a while, and then move them all to Journaled drives? I don’t think it’s a go. Or maybe I just didn’t get you.

Whenever I have found drive issues like what you describe, I prefer to not fight it.
the Mac OS does not like NTFS. So, you move your files to different drive(s) that the system prefers.

You don’t need to “let them nest” in the system drive, these aren’t birds. LOL. Just copying them to a properly formatted drive your OS prefers is all you need to do. You should no longer have search engine issues, or any other OS related issues, after that.

I don’t know your engineering background, but what I am suggesting that you do is pretty much SOP. In the “pro audio” World, we usually have our own DAW systems, and everything we work on, gets transferred to our own stable operating environment. In the old days, 2" tapes we were going to work on, were first transferred to NEW tape, then we would work on these slave tapes. We bill clients for audio drives, just like we used to for tape. No different.

My friend, Journaled HD’s don’t work.
And, after tweaking a bit my system yesterday, I learned that my NTFS HD’s started obeying the Reveal in Finder command.

This damn thing came into being on my system after I upgraded to the newest MacOS, two weeks ago.

So, I still have two MacOS Journaled HD’s with the majority of my files (SFX archives, sound files, etc.), and those cannot be accessed from MediaBay or Pool by means of summoning them by the Reveal in Finder command.

Transfer them all to the NTFS HD? I hate upgrades, all they bring is blood, sweat, and tears.

Ah, so that might be what is going on.

I completely misread the part where the Mac OS Journaled drives ALSO are not working. My bad.

Well, I hope someone with more tech savvy can help you on this new OS upgrade you did two weeks ago.


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My only last thought on this would be to fix the permissions on all drives that are not working in Media Bay.

Maybe that OS update changed it. It would not be the first time I’ve seen weird permission changes on an OS update.


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The Reveal in Finder function in The Pool doesn’t work either!
Will a reformatting to APFS make it work?

I come from the Windows world. I’m not familiar with MAC.
We always issue hard drives with media data to customers with exFAT. So far, every Mac and Windows user could read and write without any problems.