"Reveal Parameter on Write" Automation Panel?

Just noticed a new check box in the automation panel preferences window.

“Reveal Parameter on Write”

Does this do what I think it does? Couldn’t find anything about it in any of the manuals I have.
Sometimes when I write automation for a VSTi or external synth, I have to go looking for the data in order to edit it.
Does this automatically open the automation track with the new data after writing?

Another feature that isn’t documented anywhere. Or is it?

Found it! But it took several searches, is there something wrong with the forum search function?
The first couple of times I tried it I got nothing, then suddenly, it appeared.

Anyway, this preference setting is a great addition, whenever it was added.


Thanks for pointing this out. I haven’t tried it yet but if it does what it sounds like it does then it’ll be a great thing to know about.